Full Screen Mode

]I have a new 27" Mac and I’m finding the vertical height of the screen challenging for writing. It would be nice to be able to set the vertical paper height in addition to the horizontal paper width. The screen is just too tall for me to be comfortable using all that real estate.



Two suggestions you may have tried already: have you configured Typewriter Scrolling to get your typing in the middle of the screen: Preferences > Full Screen > Typewriter Scrolling? And are you aware that you can compress the vertical height of the full-screen typing area by pressing “Alt” as you move the Paper Width slider in the panel at the foot of the screen (although to be fair the slider pulls up the bottom of the typing area more than it pulls down the top)?


Yes, the height slider keeps the paper in the top two-thirds of the screen, so that you don’t have to look down too far. At first it will appear that the paper just shrinks from the bottom, but as you keep shrinking it further, the top will move down too.


I know I should have learned by now, but I keep being surprised by the writer-focussed details of Scrivener. Just feeling particularly grateful (you’ve saved my bacon 2 days out of the last 3) and so had to post when I learned of yet another thoughtful detail I didn’t know of.

I’m glad the vertical re-sizing works this way in full screen. I like it much better than typewriter scrolling! It took me a while to discover holding down the Option key would change the “paper width” slider to a “paper height” slider, but hunt for that control was well worth the effort.

I seem to remember that an earlier version of Scrivener had a “letter-box” mode in Full Screen for those easily distracted by what they’d just written. The paper-height control allows you to achieve the same effect.