Full Screen Mode

I like to use full screen mode a lot, but I’ve noticed something that I would appreciate being fixed if at all possible… if not, that’s okay too, since scrivener seems to work just fine as it is.

If you select a chapter (folder) and enter full screen mode because you want to see all of that chapter’s text at once, you see all the scenes with horizontal bars separating them. Now, let’s say you start writing a lot in one these scenes. After you have written a whole bunch of stuff, you decide that there’s a spot where you would really like to separate your huge wall of text into separate scenes (or you want to start a new scene completely). So you have two options:

  1. Split at Selection
  2. Split with Selection as Title

Unfortunately, if you choose either of these, then the text that you’ve decided to split at just vanishes from the full screen editor. It will, however, show up in the normal Scrivener binder as expected. Of course, this leaves you unable to work on that section unless you decide to leave full screen mode and enter it again, which is not terribly hard to do, but gets really irritating if you end up doing it a lot.

For a quick visual, here’s full screen mode before, with three scenes:

[code]Blah blah blah blah

One day, John met a cat.
John was hungry. <—This is a good spot to split the scene!
And then John ate a hamburger

Blah blah[/code]

And after you split the scene, the text magically vanishes:

[code]Blah blah blah blah

One day, John met a cat.

Blah blah[/code]

I’d greatly appreciate it if this behavior could be changed somehow, but I can understand if it isn’t since it really is not a high-priority problem.

[size=85](Also, is it possible to create a new scene from scratch from full screen mode (like in the binder with ctrl+n) and I’m just missing it? Or is that just not possible at this time?)[/size]

I hope all of that made some sort of sense, and that it didn’t come off as me rambling. :mrgreen:


Yes, that does make sense, and it’s already on Lee’s list. It’s a result of the incorrect way the Scrivenings view is working at the moment–you’ll see the same thing working the same way in the regular (not full screen) mode. This will change so that newly split documents in the folder will remain visible in your session.

It should also be possible in future to create new documents directly from full screen, yes. There are a few menu items and shortcuts that aren’t yet available in full screen but will be coming. So you should soon see everything you want! :wink: