Full screen mode


I still think Scrivener rocks, and have made a few converts around me. But there are two little things that I would like to see in the future with respect to full screen mode:

Location of the cursor: When entering FS mode, the cursor is “synched” to its current location in normal mode. Fine. But I would also like to get the same behavior when exiting FS (cursor in normal mode becomes current location in FS). The problem is that when I

  1. enter FS;
  2. edit from there;
  3. exit FS momentarily for some reason other than editing this particular scrivening (I edit almost exclusively in FS);
  4. re-enter FS;
    …I would expect my cursor to be where it was when I left FS. But it is where it was when I last edited in normal mode, which is most of the time long ago and quite far from where I have to keep editing. So I end up scrolling to find “where I should be” in the scrivening every time I enter FS.

Auto-completion: This cannot be used in FS mode since ‘escape’ will get me out of it. Would it be possible so have a preference setting to either 1) have a different key to exit FS, 2) have a different key for auto-completion, or 3) disable ‘escape’ to exit FS, forcing to use ‘cmd-alt-F’ or the button in the auto-hiding bar at the bottom?

Thanks in advance for considering these requests,


Auto-completion should be okay; you can already access it in full screen. The keyboard shortcut that is displayed in the Edit menu is Opt-ESC, and this works in both standard and full screen modes for me.

As for placing the cursor correctly after leaving, definitely. I hope that one gets fixed too.

Placement of the cursor on exit was a bug with 1.02-3. Fixed for 1.04. As Amber points out, auto-completion works with opt-Esc. Also cmd-period, I think.