Full Screen Not Working

I’m new to Scrivener, so it may be user error, but every time i try to use the full screen view, something seems to go wrong. The full screen layout appears for a moment, and then disappears and I’m back to the regular editor view… Sometimes the scrollbar on the right hand side is still visible, and sometimes I can hover at the bottom of the screen and the bottom toolbar from the full screen view will appear and disappear again. The scrollbar and the bottom toolbar flicker in and out until I click the full screen button again and exit.

The problem is most likely something else on the computer, not Scrivener itself. Two of the most common culprits are video drivers or antivirus software.

For video drivers, consider updating them. If this is on a laptop, perhaps best to do from the laptop manufacturer’s web site, If on a desktop or tower, probably still a good idea to do from the manufacturer’s web site, but there is also the option of doing it from the video display card/chip manufacturer (Nvidia, Intel, AMD) web sites. I would go with manufacturer web sites and avoid third party supposed driver download sites. A Google search on “video drivers update” should turn up some useful discussions and references.

For antivirus, you might determine which your computer is running and search these forums (see upper right hand corner and may need to be logged in) on “virus” to see if problems have been reported regarding it. Some are not so great, some require tweaking to exempt Scrivener (from falsely being identified as problematic) and possibly having to uninstall/download/reinstall Scrivener again after doing the tweaking.

You might also try searching these forums on “full screen” and “fullscreen” (gets more hits than “full screen”) and other related topics/keywords, to see what others’ experiences have been. Interestingly, a Google search on “right click slow” (which has turned up in some discussions here of full screen issues), turns up some possibly related and possibly useful discussions.

Beyond that, there is the possibility of some other software on the computer being the problem. This gets into reviewing to see what other software is present and ruling it out. Google on “safe mode”, “msconfig”, “compatibility mode”, etc.

The good news is that as the problem is likely not with Scrivener itself, there is a wealth of resources (references, tools, technicians) to draw on. Doesn’t guarantee it will be easy, but doesn’t require Scrivener specific expertise.

Hope that is of some assistance.

Thank you for your response, but I don’t think either of these are my issue. I’m running on a laptop so I double checked that my graphics driver was up to date and that my virus software (Trend Micro) was not blocking Scrivener. Everything was good on those fronts.

I’ve reinstalled and checked that I’m running the latest Scrivener version and still get the same full screen issues. I noticed during the installation that the install wizard also had weird sizing issues for the windows which leads me to believe that Scrivener has a bug for window sizing which may be related to the full screen view issues.

I recently downloaded Scrivener onto an acer tablet running Windows 10 on an Intel Atom CPU and encountered the same screen problem with the installation wizard. The ‘problem’ was resolved, however, when I went to Settings on my computer and changed the display from 125% magnification (default on my 8 inch device) to 100% magnification. Perhaps that simple fix might help you?

NB I downloaded version, not the newest one.