Full Screen Oddity

Full Screen doesn’t happen on second session until first session is closed.

This is one failure mode:

I open Scrivener on my project. I go into Full Screen. I leave Full Screen. All Ok.
I do Help/Interactive Tutorial.
It opens maximized. I un-maximize. (Maybe this is part of the tutorial but I have a big monitor and rarely work that way).
I go into Full Screen.
** The menu bar disables (as it probably should). Full Screen does not appear.
** Scrivenings is showing. I click in the Editor. The menu bar enables.
** I close the original Scrivener session.
** Full Screen on the tutorial appears.
** Escape doesn’t work to close Full Screen. I must click first then Escape works. Probably just a focus thing.

Note that if you click in the Editor in the second session before activating Full Screen the behaviour will be slightly different.