Full Screen on a Dual Monitor


Just bought Scrivener and I’m extremely impressed. I like it very much.

I have a dual monitor set-up. I’d like the full screen function to dim both monitors if possible. (I’m easily distracted!).

Additionally, the preference to use the “secondary monitor” for full screen mode operates now as if the secondary monitor is defined as the monitor which Scrivener isn’t using for its main window when Full Screen is launched. I’d rather the definition was a specific monitor that wouldn’t change depending on where the main Scrivener window was positioned.


Thanks for the suggestion. I decided not to dim out the other screen so that you could use the other screen if you wanted for reference (you can even put the main window over there and refer to the outliner, for instance). I figured you can always switch it off, if you want. :slight_smile:

That said, there is definitely room for improvement in the full screen dual monitor set up, but I hope you understand that this is relatively low priority right now. This is the sort of think I will be looking into when it comes down for medium refinements, around 1.5 in a few months’ time. Like I say, though, this sort of thing is on my list of things to refine in future versions.

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Exactly. This setup already works beautifully. The power button is an important resource.

One very small suggestion – within that exact setup, it would be nice if one could switch between different documents in fullscreen mode by selecting them in the main interface on the other screen. (Right now you have to exit fullscreen, select the new document and then reenter fullscreen.)

Remember that you can use the menu - just go to View > Go To… The long term plan is to have a kind of binder HUD, but that is going to be a late 1.0/2.0 consideration. :slight_smile:
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I’d like to have the choice of which monitor is the main one, too. :slight_smile:

While I appreciate that it’s low priority, also seems to be low impact. Maybe a button in preferences that optionally allows both monitors to darken? (The power switch of the 30" Cinema Display that I use is on the edge, and the two monitors abut on the edges, so turning off the power isn’t really an option. Draping a sweater over the monitor is definitely low tech.)

Sometime in version 1.5 is just fine :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “low impact”? As far as the coding goes, this is actually more complicated than it might sound… Anyway, yes, 1.5-ish. :slight_smile:

Ah! It’s all easy from the outside!

Reading the biographical information in the documentation, it’s hard to believe that you accomplished everything that Scrivener is without being, as I think you put it, a professional software developer. Pretty impressive!