Full Screen on a Microsoft Surface breaks many things

When you use Scrivener on a Microsoft Surface everything works great for the most part. Until you go into full screen mode. Now being in this mode isn’t a problem, but when you go back into Scrivener to say, look at other files or something, it doesn’t load things right away. There’s a long delay where you sometimes have to shake the mouse while waiting for things to load. I always have to plan to do writing either without full-screen, or to do it around structure changes.

Now it doesn’t just break things in Scrivener either. When you go back to Windows, and try to expand your icons in the bottom right for example, it just shows a clear box instead. Any right-click options don’t show up, just as empty black boxes.

At first I thought this was a resolution problem, but it seems to happen on any resolution. This has also been a bug for at least a year now. I keep hoping it’ll get fixed with each patch, but not yet. The only fix for when I use full screen mode is to reboot the computer. Nothing else seems to fix it.

Another symptom is that during the patching/update/install process, the little box that guides you through it is super tiny. It doesn’t seem to recognize my display settings and the box is not expandable, so I have to guess as I go through the prompts. Fortunately I’ve been using Scrivener for years now so it’s not too painful. :wink:

My resolution on my Surface is currently 2736 x 1824 (recommended), though I also tend to zoom the display too.

Anyway I thought I’d bring this to the developers’ attention and hope they have a solution. It’s been a pain point for a long time but I’ve just worked around it.