Full Screen Option and Lion


I’m testing Scrivener and so far I love it. One of the features I was interested in, however, is the full-screen mode. In the menu-bar, my full screen icon is greyed-out. I’m currently using Lion; could that be the issue? Perhaps, I’m missing something else that’s really obvious. I’ve looked through the boards but cannot find anything. If Lion is in fact the culprit, will this be addressed before the Lion is released to the general public?

I can’t comment on what does, or doesn’t, work in Lion so far as I am just a lowly user and won’t get to try the Liony goodness until it is released to the public. However, regarding future full-screen implementation in Lion, refer to what Keith said in this thread:

nom’s already pointed you to the answer, but just to confirm that full screen doesn’t work on Lion in Scrivener 2.0.5 at the moment because of an internal naming clash with Lion’s new built-in full screen mode. However, you can download the updated beta that fixes this here:


A version of Scrivener that is fully compatible with Lion, and which takes advantage of many of Lion’s new features, will be out shortly before Lion is released.

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