Full Screen paper texture

Very trivial, but is there a way of forcing the setting so that a texture is tiled rather than stretched over the whole page? I’ve tried a few (bmp and then png) and I can’t seem to get them to tile.

The “backdrop” option via View>Full Screen Backdrop scales to screen size, but in Scrivener>Preferences:Appearance down in customizable colors, you can set a tiling image for either “Paper” or “Background.” Does that help?

Preferences/Appearance/Customizable colours/Full Screen/Paper/Choose Texture doesn’t for me tile but stretches ugly over the whole page.
Wondering if it’s me.

What OS version are you running?


Hmm, okay that’s not the problem then. :slight_smile:

Could you attach one of the textures to a post here?

I think the image was too big so I condensed it and it now seems to be OK. Thanks for looking.