full screen question

I’m currently working on something where I need to use a vertical split-screen. I’d like to go into full screen mode taking both of those windows with me, but it will only let me have one. Does anyone know if this is possible and/or how to make it happen?


No, there is no split screen in full screen mode. Full screen is intended for straightforward composing and doesn’t try to reproduce the complexity of the main interface, so you’ll have to stay in the main window for that.

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You can, however, get very close…

The Binder and Inspector and toolbar and any rulers showing can all be toggled away. This would leave you with a window which had nothing (showing) in it except your two editor panes.

Maybe that will do you. (If, for example, you wanted full-screen because you wanted to grab as much screen real estate for the job as you could. Then this strategy will get you as close as cufflinks.)