Full screen questions

In full-screen mode, is there a hot-key to simultaneously hide/display both the Inspector and Binder?

Is there a way to set a fixed page width/location in full-screen mode, so that the Editor doesn’t move when hiding/displaying the Binder and Inspector?

I noticed the pop-up scroll bar in the Inspector blocks the “X” boxes that delete individual comments/footnotes.

Is it possible to enable a pop up box to alert you when deleting a blank document that includes document notes (or to show an icon for the document to specify that it includes notes?)

Not to do both, no, but opt-cmd-B will show the binder and opt-cmd-I the inspector - although that will show them permanently. To have them slide in, you must move the mouse the edge of the screen.

Yes, see the “Editor” preferences - you’ll want to set a “Fixed width” and choose to have it centred.

That’s just how scroll bars work on Lion and above if they are set to auto-hide.

No, but remember that documents aren’t truly deleted, but just moved to the Trash folder within Scrivener.