Full screen Redraw Bug in 2.1 on Lion

Here is the console message:

Jul 20 19:55:04 Admins-iMac Scrivener[1837]: <SCRSplitView: 0x12a1ec0>: the delegate <SCRMainSplitController: 0x11bce10> was sent -splitView:resizeSubviewsWithOldSize: and left the subview frames in an inconsistent state:
Jul 20 19:55:04 Admins-iMac Scrivener[1837]: Split view bounds: {{0, 0}, {1970, 1414}}
Jul 20 19:55:04 Admins-iMac Scrivener[1837]: Subview frame: {{0, 0}, {968, 1414}}
Jul 20 19:55:04 Admins-iMac Scrivener[1837]: Subview frame: {{978, 0}, {992, 1362}}
Jul 20 19:55:04 Admins-iMac Scrivener[1837]: The outer edges of the subview frames are supposed to line up with the split view’s bounds’ edges. NSSplitView is working around the problem, perhaps at the cost of more redrawing. (This message is only logged once per NSSplitView.)

I had set up a full screen layout and had it set to open on entering full screen. Scrivener does not load the layout properly. I have the binder and inspector open as well as two documents opened vertically. The document on the left becomes as narrow as the binder when entering full screen.

System specs are 2011 27" iMac w/ 8gb ram.

Edit: also got this gem… :smiley:


Could you please provide instructions to reproduce this? Were you using the “Layouts” feature at all?

Also, most importantly, are you using the Mac App Store version or the version from our site? This is important because I had to submit the Mac App Store version a week ago in order to ensure I got it through review in time for Lion, and I was able to make some last minute fixes to the version that went up on the site that aren’t in the MAS version yet (I’ll be releasing a 2.1.1 very shortly to bring them back in sync). One of those fixes could cause exactly the same problem you are seeing.

Even if you are on the MAS version, though, I’d be grateful for full instructions to reproduce this, and if you are using Layouts, I’d be grateful if you could export and send me the layout that caused this from the Layouts panel.

If you’re not using the MAS version then I think I’m going to scream. Lion has made split views more fragile than ever and I have spent an unbelievable amount of time trying to ensure that things like this never happen.


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MAS Version. Yes I was using layouts.

How to reproduce: Open scrivener in windowed mode. Enter full screen. Apply layout and check “Use selected layout when entering full screen.” Now if you switch from full screen to windowed and back to full screen you will notice there are screen redraw errors at the top and bottom of the documents. Now quit Scrivener while in full screen and then relaunch. Scrivener will open in full screen but is completely drawn incorrect. Hope this helps you out.
Full Screen Split Pane.scrlayout.zip (45.4 KB)

Great, thanks. I’ll test the layout in a moment, but also, could you please try downloading the regular version from literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php and testing to see if that fixes the issue or if you see the same thing? As of 2.1, I have set things up so that if you have run the Mac App Store version at least once - which you have - the regular version will automatically recognise your Mac App Store licence and so will just open normally, without telling you that you are unregistered. (Although you’ll want to uninstall it again to keep getting updates via the Mac App Store.)

EDIT: Okay, I’ve tested with both the MAS version and the version available on our site, and it looks - touch wood - as though I have fixed this. I saw the problems instantly in the MAS version, but the version on our site worked fine. I’d be grateful if you can confirm this.

I’m hoping to make a few final tweaks and then release 2.1.1 next week to bring both versions in line, before I go off to get married and for a short honeymoon starting at the end of next week. It’s unfortunate that there’s this slight difference at the moment, but unfortunately these split view issues turned up at the last minute and we just had to submit to the App Store in plenty of time. As I say, you can use the regular version in the meantime if it fixes things for you though.


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Yes, I downloaded the updated version and it works fine. Thanks!

Whew! I’m glad that worked - I had to jump through hoops to fix it, removing lots of views from the hierarchy during resizing and reinserting them, and other boring stuff, and I bet there are still some edge cases that could cause problems, so let me know if you see anything else.

Now that you’re using the regular version, just keep an eye out for the 2.1.1 update notification - you’ll get an in-application notification when it’s ready. Once you see that, go to the App Store and check the update is available there, too (I’ll try to ensure they are made available on the same day). If so, just trash the regular version and then download from the App Store to return to using the App Store version. In the meantime, you can happily use the regular version. (You don’t have to do any of this - you could just update the regular version, but I’m guessing that if you bought from the App Store you’ll want to keep downloading and updating from the App Store in future, really.)

Thanks again!

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This might be linked to this problem so I’ll post it here.
Scrivener 2.1
OS X Lion

When I go into the Lion full screen mode the editor almost looks like it is going into wrap mode. You can see that the ruler doesn’t go all the way across the editor.

That’s just a preference setting, so that when you go to full screen on a wide monitor the text doesn’t stretch end to end. You can adjust it in the Editor tab of Preferences and unchecking “Use fixed width” in the Default Editor Width section or choosing a different size. You have the option to only use fixed width in full screen mode, so you can set the width specifically for that.

I thought it might be something like but I couldn’t find anything until you pointed out to me.

Thank you.