Full screen screenplay elements shortcuts problem

Hello everyone, I’m new to Scrivener and this forum.
Currently I’m drafting my script with Scrivener - I love this software.

However, there’s a small problem:

In normal mode when I press fn+s shortcut it switches to Scene Heading, or fn+a bring Action screenplay element, or fn+d Dialogue etc.

But, in full screen this key combination is broken. Is this known issue or am I doing something wrong? Or is there another key combination? I tried Cmd, Alt, Shift, Ctrl without success.

These shortcuts are essential for speed, so please help.



Actually the Function+ shortcut is more of an accident than a feature - desktops don’t even have the Function shortcut on their keyboards. It just so happens that Apple seem to have wired the Function key on laptops up in such a way that it looks for contextual menu commands. This was never a design intention on my part… The designed way is to hit cmd-Y to bring up the script menu, and then to hit the letter key that is assigned to the script element. In 2.0, each element will be assigned an opt-cmd+number shortcut, too, as in Final Draft, for speed.

All the best,

yes, thank you. I’m anxious to see 2.0.