full screen scrollbar matches page colour

A cosmetic 2.0 request – I’m in love with one very fine fullscreen “feature” I’ve seen in another app (I think it’s MacJournal): the scrollbar changes colour to “match” the page colour. (I think it’s just a medium-opacity scrollbar overlaid on the page colour.)

In Scrivener, I always set my page and background colours to an identical and fairly light colour, and the inverted/negative scrollbar really stands out – especially when it’s not at the edge of the screen. (At the moment I’m deliberately setting the page width to maximum and increasing the margins to get the scrollbar to the extreme right, but that really defeats the purpose of the whole dynamic page width feature, which is truly eeeexcellent.)

Hi Jebni,

The current scroll bar is set up to match the scrollbar in Apple’s iApp full screen modes. Sorry, but it will be staying as it is. SG used to change scroll bar colour to match the text colour, but I really went off this retro-look. You can always turn off the scroll bar if it bothers you too much.

Thanks for the feedback,