Full Screen single pages and page numbers?

When I go into full screen mode:
How can I get separate the text background so it appears as single pages?

Also How do i get it to display page numbers?

Do you mean Composition Mode? There should be no problem enabling the Page View editor mode in 10.7+ Full Screen mode. That just expands the normal window to fill the entire screen. In Page View mode, an approximation of the relative page number will be displayed in the footer bar of the editor (by relative, I mean that if you click in the middle of the book outline, page 1 will be page 1, not page 280). Please keep in mind however that since Scrivener does not do layout in the editor, this will very rarely ever be 100% reliable. In other words it’s fine for saying, “I feel great, I’ve written 5 pages today”, and not so great at saying “Please reference paragraph 3, sentence 2 on page 371”.