Full-screen support in Lion


I don’t mean distraction-free mode, but like how the app fills up the whole screen—this is especially good when I’m on a plane or train and don’t have internet access, so the dock and everything else is irrelevant to me when writing. I’ve been running Firefox 4 this way for a while and find it very useful.

Also, this would maximise screen real estate on an 11" MacBook Air!

Already implemented.

Is there a screenshot of some kind that shows this feature? I’m not a developer so I don’t have access to builds like that.

Did a bit more browsing- found threads- can’t wait!

Thanks again for this wonderful piece of kit

I’m not allowed to show off any Lion features working in Scrivener yet, because all developers signed up to get Lion previews are under NDA. It works great, though (aside from bugs lurking in Lion itself), and I’ve implemented it so that it works with the Layouts feature, so that you can switch to a layout that will take you straight into full screen if you want, as well as entering full screen directly.

Thanks for the kind words!

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Perhaps this is something worthy of it’s own thread… but here goes:

Has the idea of putting in place a password-lock on full screen mode been tossed around?

I’ve done a search and didn’t have much luck finding discussion about this.

I think it’d be an excellent way to give Scrivener just a bit of the “distraction-free” functionality seen in some other programs.

Thanks much, KB. Appreciate all your work.