Full Screen Table Change

Thanks for the product features and upgrades.

Haven’t seen this on forums, apologies in advance if missed.

Move into fullscreen.
Add data into an existing table.
Right click on table entry, choose “Add new row below”.
Nothing happens.

Exit full screen, add sufficient rows. Enter fullscreen to edit rows. Run out of rows. Exit full screen with the resolve to probably not use full screen in the future.



Are there any other specific steps? I’m not encountering this error at all, either right clicking as you you say or using the table palette: both create a new row without problem in full screen, whether or not there is other text on the page along with the table. Basically just starting a new document, creating a table (just with the default settings), jumping to full screen and filling up the cells and then creating a new row and continuing.

You could check ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Logs/Console.log next time it happens to see if it’s throwing an error and paste or upload that here if it is; I don’t know if one would show up or not.

I can’t reproduce this - adding new rows to a table in full screen works fine for me. Could you please try again to trigger the bug and then, when the bug occurs, in the Finder go to ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Logs and look for a file entitled Console.log, then attach that file to your reply (or copy its contents into your reply from a plain text editor).

Also, please try creating a table in a new project and see if you can reproduce the bug - does it affect new projects too?

What version of OS X are you on?


P.S. MM beats me again!