Full Screen "Text Scale" Popup Window

It’s a small thing, but would it be possible to show all of the optional screen sizings when the “Text Scale” window pops up, i.e. the whole range from 50% to 800% no matter what the current sizing is at the time? Right now it only seems to display the current setting and anything higher.

Thanks for your time. A loyal Scrivener user.


Are you sure it hasn’t just disappeared off the bottom of the window? It should show everything - try moving your mouse down over the downwards-pointing arrow at the bottom of the menu to see the rest (this is just how OS X handles menus at the bottom of the screen).

All the best,

With diabetes and eyesight issues, I have trouble seeing the small icons and pop up windows at the bottom of the screen. It’s great that the text can be scaled up and down and that works perfectly, but sometimes working with the smaller popup windows is challenging. BUT…in looking around this morning found the key combination for up and downsizing the fonts in the full screen window and will use that in the future. I am grateful that there are different ways to work around individual problems that come up.