Full screen text width

A small thing:

I put my scriv files in dropbox, and edit on my laptop and work computer. I need to adjust the fullscreen mode width as I use a larger font on the big screen.

What would be nice: Make the text width based on average letters per line. Font changes would automatically adjust the screen width then.

I don’t like the idea of an automatic sizing, there’s already enough control. Can you not do as I do and adjust the paper width and text scale settings when you switch? It only takes a second.

Or maybe having two layouts would do the trick? I’ve not tested whether they remember all the settings you’d need though - but worth a shot.

Of course I can adjust the settings manually – that is what I currently do. I thought that an automatic sizing based on letters per width was good idea for a feature though. As there is plenty of literature suggesting that there is an ideal width based on this amount to assist reading…

And, it could be optional, so you wouldn’t be forced to do it.

I’ll check the layouts. But I think these are set in the preferences, not the layout.