Full Screen to Edit Mode: text jumps to start of doc

I guess my wordy subject line sums up what I’m finding, that when I am in the full screen mode and use esc to get to the regular window, with the binder and the text in its edit window, wherever I was in the text has been lost and I find myself at the top of the document, and have to scroll down to find where I left off in full screen mode. Anyone else experience this and is there a way around it? Oh, heck, I just tried to reproduce this and it didn’t happen…fiddlesticks. AH, if I use the “return to normal size” button in the lower right of the full screen command bar at the bottom of the screen, all is well. Nevermind then. Sorry about all that. I’ll be off, now.

I was trying out full screen mode again and I noticed that when I returned to normal view, the cursor was whever I left it before I went to the full-screen view. I’m not sure if this is regular behavior, but it was disconcerting.


Yeah, I experience the same things.

Also, often, with the cursor in the text in front of me, I will scroll with the button on my mouse, and the text jumps away from me (off the area where my cursor sits).

So the one thing I found was if, when switching OUT OF full screen mode, you use the control bar that appears when you bring your cursor to the bottom of the screen, and click on the RESIZE to normal button which is on the right side of the bar, similar to iPhoto, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the cursor jump.

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When switching out of full screen, the main window will take you to the place in your text where the cursor was, or where the selection was, which won’t necessarily be the same as the place you were scrolled to.