full screen typing is too slow after a few thousand words

Full screen works great until at some point there is a noticable lag when I’m typing. I usually create a new note at this point and am able to keep working.

I’m not doing anything else processor intensive. I usually have mail and a browser open but they aren’t doing anything.

My stuff:
OS 10.6.1
1.25 gigs of Ram
100 gig free hard drive space.


Yes, I’m afraid this is a known issue which has been worsened by Snow Leopard (which made the text system slower in some cases rather than faster…). I recently spent three weeks optimising and fixing this, and am confident that typing is flying again - but the bad news is that so far I have only fixed it for 2.0, which has a lot of underlying code changes.

The workaround is to close the project and then reopen it to clear out the memory.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

All the best,