Full screen versus original window

Hi there. I’m having trouble using the full screen mode of Scrivener for Windows. When I do, I can see the original window behind it, sticking out of the sides. I can resize the original window to hide it behind the scrolling full screen window, but it has to be pretty small so I have to adjust it every time I switch modes. I know I can adjust opacity but I don’t want the entirely black background as it hurts my eyes.

Can anyone tell me how to make the original window invisible while using full screen mode? Thanks.

In full screen, get the mouse to the bottom of the screen and up will slide a menu bar. There are two sliders that’ll do the job, setting the page width and the background fade.

Hey, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this isn’t the answer. I know I can arrange the full screen and rear windows by resizing and making opaque, etc, but as I said I don’t want to have to adjust either or both of them every time. I’d like the regular window to disappear when I go to full screen mode. Is there any way to do that?

Hello Jen,
You don’t need to adjust the original window. Adjust the opaque setting to full and pick a colour that does not hurt your eyes in options/appearance/full screen background. You can choose the same as your paper colour if you wish. The setting then remains and will not require changing/ adjusting each time you use scriv.

Thank you so much. That did the trick beautifully by setting the background the same photo as my desktop.

For anyone else who’s working this out, the menu options shass mentioned are in the ‘Tools’ dropdown menu.