Full-Screen View for Corkboard?

In corkboard view I know I can Ctrl-Shift I to hide the inspector, and ctrl-shift B to collapse the binder, and this gives me additional real estate to move about. However, I’m a greedy real-estate baron and would love to have wall-to-wall view for the corkboard. Is this currently possible? If not, it would be a great feature for most writers to have.

The View/Layouts/Manage Layouts window provides a great way to do stuff like this. I’ve attached a layout that has all of the UI elements disabled. You can’t actually save maximisation state into the layout (that might be something to look into), so you might need to maximise the window after switching to it. Note you may also want to make a layout of your current window settings, before using this one. Once you have them created you can just use the View/Layouts/ sub-menu to switch, rather than this window.
Full Screen Corkboard.zip (92.5 KB)

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Thank you amberV and pigfender for most helpful replies. Will put both of your solutions to use. Much appreciated.