Full screen view: losing focus all the time

Hi, still experimenting with the Windows version. Hope u don’t mind if I mention the bugs I found the most irritating here.
When we are in full screen mode, and we click in the text to edit it, the text (and the curosr) just change position suddenly. I always lose focus of my text for a glimpse. Minor, but irritating.

Full screen mode by default has Typewriter Scrolling enabled, which keeps the current line of text in the centre of the screen. This shouldn’t normally cause the problem you’re describing since using the mouse isn’t meant to affect this, but there is a bug when using TW scrolling in Scrivenings mode (i.e. viewing multiple text documents together) that sounds like what you’re experiencing. Try turning off the typewriter scrolling by using the Ctrl+G, Ctrl+T shortcut while in Full Screen and see if that fixes the problem.