Full screen view of multiple documents?


I’ve used Scrivener for several years (since Jan. 2007) and it’s been incredibly useful for organizing various writing projects. I don’t live in it every day, but have kept it updated (currently at 1.51).

I recently started a new project for a paper I have to give at a conference and tried to scroll through the various documents I had created in my draft folder in full screen mode. My question is whether I’m losing my mind: I’m pretty sure I remember previously being able to scroll through everything in my draft folder as one continuous page (with discrete and subtle markings indicating the different documents), but can’t seem to do this now. I know I can change documents through the View>Editor>Go To>Draft menus, but I can’t view them all as a continuous page, which helps me get a better sense of the flow of my writing.


  1. Am I losing my mind and did I simply dream that I could do this before?
  2. Is there a Preference that needs to be checked to be able to do this? (I’ve looked.)
  3. Or has this functionality been removed?

Thank you for all for any clarification you can provide!


Hi Christopher,

Full screen mode just shows whatever is in the editor, and what you are talking about is “Edit Scrivenings”, so you need to be in Edit Scrivenings mode in the main editor first. Select the Draft folder, click on Edit Scrivenings, and then go into full screen mode - that should do what you want.

All the best,

Wow… thank you, Keith! I was hoping it would be something simple like that. (I had forgotten all about “Edit Scrivenings.”)