Full Screen-Window runs off Right side of Screen

Which bug would you rather be worked on first?

  • Full Screen Toggle-losing your place
  • Full Screen being moved
  • Other Bugs.

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Underlined part contains condensed summary

One bug that was in the 1.4 version which has thankfully been fixed was that I would be typing with just a little off the top, then the margins would suddenly expand and I’d have a column smaller than my hand. I believe this has been fixed, but I haven’t been on in a while, and I just downloaded 1.6 on Thursday, and I’ve been busy since. Also from 1.3 was the block cursor bug, which was the most annoying of anything I’ve ever had. So thanks for fixing them :smiley: !

However, the bug in the 1.6 version is a lot more annoying than the bug in 1.4. It usually takes longer to start up any program than I have time to use the program, and sometimes I just forget that it’s open, so I usually keep my programs open even when I shut my laptop and leave it for a few days. Recently, after not being on for a few days, I’ve opened my laptop, went to the open Scrivener window, and found that it appears to be aligned-right. I go to change it to center, and find that it already is on center. I then realized that the story is shorter than before, the realized that all the sentances run off the right side of the screen. So I changed the width of the document, and I find that it’s very thin, and still to the right. But the left side of the screen is still in the center. So it’s all too thin to work on properly. I had to close full screen and re open it to clear this bug, and that’s not too bad at all. But combine this with the bug where when you toggle full screen, your cursor is back at the top of the document, so I can never keep my place, nor can I remember where I left off after a few days, It’s simply horrible. I’d rather deal with having to play with the width for 45 seconds to get the margins back to normal.
This may all be due to the fact that I’m working on a tiny laptop which multiple people have called a netbook, so I have a tiny screen which causes issues. I would have thought that it was only because I had changed the screen rotation while it was open and minimized, except that I didn’t play with it the second time this happened.

To summarize my very lengthy, sort of rant:
If Scrivener Full Screen is left open(and minimized) for a long time, (or while the computer is asleep, not sure which),
Column is almost twice as wide as screen when width changer is in center, and column is centered almost all the way to the right of the screen.
Toggling full screen corrects issue, but you still lose your place due to the other bug, which seems very simple to change in the coding.

I don’t know which bug is easier to change. The only reason I felt the need to report this was the combination of the two bugs. You can toggle full screen twice in a fraction of a second, so people can easily correct the off-the-screen bug, with no worries. The other bug, that loses your place and that’s been there longer seems to make a lot of other bugs worse, even though it is a tiny little bug. I would prefer the tiny bug changed, because it affects a lot more areas, but I know nothing of coding besides that things that appear the simplest might be the hardest to do. It is possible that that is harder to change, but I think a lot of people would be happier if you worked on the apparently tiny bug first, before most other bugs.