Full screen with interface

Has any thought been given to possibly implementing a full-screen-with-interface mode, kind of like what Adobe does for its Lightroom (there are different modes – one of which knocks out the menu bar and allows Lightroom to use that space too). It would be great for those of us on 13" MBP screens to get that bit of extra real estate. It would be a middle ground between the current full screen writing only mode and the normal Zoom to Fit Screen sizing.

Love Scrivener!


I see this is basically coming to all apps with Lion … I must be … a genius!!!

Yes, I’m waiting to see what Lion brings in this regard - it should be interesting.

P.S. Oh no, you’re not going to talking to camera in cafés saying, “I’m a Mac, and Lion was my idea,” are you? :slight_smile:

That’s highly offensive! Take it back!

John T.
Senior designer/UI consultant, “Lion” (cannot say more due to non disclosures)