Full screen with multiple documents selected

I’m just loving Scrivener 2.0 so far – it is just an amazing program – but there are a few things that don’t seem to work the same as before and I’d like to know if there’s a way to do them. I’m breaking these up into separate posts for clarity…

I keep my novel draft together as a bunch of documents within the Draft folder (i.e. no subfolders for chapters, etc). What I like to do is look at a few documents together in full screen mode. In version 1.54, I believe I would multi-select these documents, then I’d view the documents as scrivenings (composite of the text documents), and then I would select Full Screen mode. This would let me see multiple documents in full screen mode. With 2.0, I see that this kind of thing works if you select a folder containing multiple documents, but if you select multiple documents in the binder manually and then attempt to go full screen, it changes your selection to a single selection and then just shows that one document. Since I don’t use folders for this novel, I don’t know a good way to do this any longer. Any advice? Thanks!


Make sure you click in the text view before you enter full screen - if the focus is in the binder then they get loaded into navigation history rather than into scrivenings in full screen. This is on the list for fixing in 2.0.1.


Keith – Thanks for the info. That trick works just fine! … a very easy solution to the problem. ~yyy