Full Screen

Hi Keith,

In Full Screen, the Keywords icon toggles on and off, but the x mark on the Inspector window has to be clicked to clear it - the inspector icon does not toggle.

PS just to give you a warm inner glow, I just opened a 120 page film script in RTf format in beta 1 - perfect!

Thanks, that will be an easy one to fix. Originally the Keywords HUD panel worked the same way, but I caught that and forgot about the inspector…

Good to hear that things are importing well for you. If I was you I would leave it a couple of weeks before importing anything too precious, though, until the major bugs have been ironed out and the beta becomes more stable.


Hi Keith,

I’m a beta tester for Screenwriter Pro 6. I had been exercising the product and RTF’d and PDF’d the script and tried the RTF in DRAFT and the PDF in RESEARCH - Perfect. Just to test Scrivener. No bugs there.

I’ll take your advice and not work on the RTF document in DRAFT - but I am very tempted. It is just so good.

On pretty much the same lines. I also tried opening all my previous .scriv files in beta 1… again no bugs.

Beta test thought - If you make a up a list of things you actually want tested it might help to reveal any discrepencies in different OS’s and in different machines. For example it might be a good idea to ask people to indicate their set up at the bottom of each email. The Pareto law will apply sooner or later. 80% of all systems on all machines will work fine. 20% will need extra TLC.

Mine is: OSX 10.4.7 G4 733 IGB RAM 24"Dell Monitor, so I put it in my profile and resubmitted the profile.

Geez, people keep beating me to the punch. This was on my list. Glad to hear it’s an easy fix.

Full screen controls work fine on my little laptop screen now. Don’t know what you did, but it seems fixed!

Just showed the program to my sister (another writer/artist from Portland, Oregon) and she went nuts over the split screen and full screen features. So another customer there!


More importantly, another Portland customer. Ha.

These, along with the collapsible keywords view in the full screen inspector panel that Amber V posted about, are all fixed for beta 2.

I finally got my mini-DVI->VGA connector from Apple sorted out, so I was able to test on dual monitors just before release, which meant I was able to get to the bottom of the control panel bugs on dual monitors.

Amen!! :slight_smile: