Full screen

SHOUldn’t I be able to make the current scrivener into the one like the mac. I can’t figure it out.

Not all of the appearance settings have been implemented yet, so at the moment no. In fact, there isn’t even a Full Screen options tab yet. Give it time. :slight_smile:

On the one i downloaded I had full screen?

Oh yes! It has a full screen mode. What I meant was it doesn’t have an options tab for full screen yet in the way that the Mac version has a full section in preferences just for full screen.

I love full screen mode in any writing software, so I’m excited for some more options in the future. I have trouble using it right now because it’s too bright for my eyes (I like dark backgrounds, dark pages, and text that isn’t too bright). Otherwise I feel like I’m staring into headlights with my crummy eyes. :open_mouth:

I don’t suppose we can alter a settings file somewhere while waiting? If not, I might just use another fullscreen editor for now and copy the text into Scrivener as I go.

Thanks, though. Lots of potential in Scrivener.

Sorry, no - the settings haven’t been implemented at all yet, only the basic mode. All of the settings will be coming over the next two or three months, before release, so you’ll be able to write in green-on-black or with whatever settings you prefer. Lee’s concentrating on core features and stability before moving onto all of these options.


When I read the README file (yes, some of us do that) I was very disappointed that the full screen options were not implemented in the first beta, especially considering that you released the software right before NaNoWriMo 2010. From a marketing perspective, I would have thought it obvious to include these features in the only beta we’ll have a chance to use during November’s marathon writing spree. The ability to change full screen options and have typewriter scrolling are key for high productivity during NaNoWriMo.

I’ll keep an eye on the beta but without these features I won’t be using Scrivener for NaNoWriMo, despite the possibility of obtaining the discount. It’s just not going to be useful and comfortable for me to write 50K+ words on a brightly-lit white background.

It’s a beta, and an early one at that - we’ve been very upfront that not everything is implemented yet. It’s not about a “marketing perspective” - we just need an intrepid bunch of users who don’t mind trying out and helping us test beta software with bugs and without all the features to help us make Scrivener as stable as possible. If you’re not happy to use beta software that doesn’t have all the features, you should definitely give it a miss and check back again for the release version early next year; but it’s not really very fair on us to complain that this or that feature isn’t working yet when we have gone out of our way to explain that, indeed, not everything is working yet. :slight_smile:
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I never said it wasn’t fair, nor did I state that you didn’t make the limitations clear up front. I understand what a beta is, believe me. I’ve been using beta software for decades. I’m questioning the decision to not include those features in the first beta, that’s all. Surely you had some kind of priorities list of features that would make the cut on the day of the beta release. It would have been a smarter choice, in my opinion, to include those features since many of your beta users would appreciate them during NaNoWriMo.

That being said, Scrivener on Windows is off to a good start. Keep up the good work.

We ran out of time on a few things. Our priorities were getting the core features up and running, and on stability (which you may not believe given the number of bugs that have turned up in the past day). While full screen colour options are certainly a great and useful feature, they are not as core as a working corkboard, an RTF system that doesn’t lose your font choices every time you save, and so on. Really it came down to a choice of releasing a beta before NaNo that had a number of options missing, or of waiting until next year before we offered a NaNo deal for Windows users. But I really wanted to get NaNo users on board for testing, because that worked so well for the Mac version.

Anyway, I’m glad you think it’s off to a good start otherwise!

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I think you guys did great on releasing it, When i made the topic, i was just bringing it up to attention. I will probably use dark room, then word and then scrivener to organize it. SO Excited with the future of the program

jp, remember that 80% of users use 20% of the features. However, that 20% changes from user to user.

I’m quite certain that there’s a priority list of some sort, and yes, it ends up that your particular desired feature wasn’t as high as you would have put it, but I’m sure the Windows XP users are quite happy with “get it working in XP” being as high as it is on the list.

At a certain point, speaking as a software developer, you have to prioritize based on 1. amount of users that use the feature, 2. how hard it is to implement the feature, 3. how essential the feature is to architecture/other features/the program not crashing. Also, at a certain point, you have to ship.

While fullscreen options not making the final cut is disappointing to you (inability to specify double-spacing between paragraphs is my pet “what do you mean it’s not implemented yet” feature), please do understand that the devs do only have so much time, especially when they have an aggressive annual deadline (NaNoWriMo).

But it’s also good to note missing features, and pine after them. Just give it a bit of time :wink:

As far as I know regarding this:

“I’ll keep an eye on the beta but without these features I won’t be using Scrivener for NaNoWriMo, despite the possibility of obtaining the discount”

I don’t think you have to actually use Scrivener for NaNoWriMo to get the discount. To blatantly copy what blackswan wrote over in the NaNoWriMo forums, half-way down the page here: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/node/3699389?page=10

“. . . after you win Nanowrimo there will be a Winner’s Page that goes up a few days into December, and if you’re signed in (and have confirmed your winning word count by the end of Nov 30th) then you’ll see a code on the page for 50% off Scrivener.”

In other words, you just need to win and go to that page, and the code will be there. You don’t have to actually use Scrivener to get the code. If you’d rather wait for those features to be available, you don’t need to sacrifice the discount.

Yup! That is absolutely the case. Everyone on the planet that wins will be getting a coupon, even if they have never heard of Scrivener. This is to give writers a break on the cost, and a reward for going through all of the slog that Nano can be, that’s it. Please write in whatever you are comfortable writing in. If you don’t feel safe with the beta yet, feel free to use it to play and submit reports and watch as it gets better, but please do your writing where you feel safe. :slight_smile:

You guys are classy. Love it!

Right now I’m writing with WriteMonkey and using Scrivener to organize. It isn’t perfect, but it’s workable for me. Q10 is another one I’ve enjoyed. (There are dozens, actually, which is great!)

Full screen mode is like writing heaven. Just me and the page. I just gotta have a darker background or I get eye fatigue pretty quick, and that makes it hard to focus or “listen” to my characters.

Editor fixes and full screen mode settings are my top two Most Wanted Things in Scrivener right now. Can’t wait to play with it when they’re in!

Thanks for being patient, Digitalus - and glad you are at least finding the organisational aspects useful while you wait for your preferred features to be refined.

Full aesthetic control will be coming for full screen mode; it’s one of those things we just didn’t have time to complete before the Oct25 deadline; too many core things like the RTF engine and importing pictures into the system had to be done first.

But custom colours will arrive in time.

I was just going to post and ask about ‘full screen’ preferences for Windows Beta (1.5.5) since several had quired about it earlier. But then I noticed a series of adjustments at the bottom window in full screen mode! Thanks! I guess I’d still expect expect a tab in the options/preferences menu though, but you’re probably already on this too. :slight_smile: