Full-screening with split screen, and place-holding

Hello! I’ve just started with Scrivener and couldn’t find this mentioned, but I’m new so apologies if this is duplicated or otherwise inappropriate:

  1. I noticed that when reading different bits of the same document in a vertically split windows if I go to full-screen (via F11) then all I see is one copy of the document, taking up only half the screen (justified left). Was I being foolish in assuming that I would get to see both documents in the full-screen facility?

  2. In addition, the full-screen view is always of the start of the document, not the place I was previously viewing. This happens to me whether I am viewing the same document in the two splits, or two different documents, or just one document without the split. Also my cursor is no longer present in the document when I switch to full-screen, and I have to click back onto the text to start writing again. If I write in full-screen and then switch back to normal view, then the cursor (and view) is automatically returned to the position it was in before the full-screen. These features are rather irritating :slight_smile: