Full Screen's cursor position


I really love Scrivener, one thing that annoys me a little though is that when i am in Full Screen mode and i start to edit a line that is in the bottom half of the frame, the text jumps so that the line i am typing on is in the middle of the screen. I guess this done because there are no scroll bars and to keep it simple, but i would love the option to turn it off so that where ever the page is when i start to type, that is where it remains.

If the page needs to jump for some reason, could i suggest that the half way point on the page is not the optimal place for the cursor. Two thirds the way down would be a lot better for me, as when we are typing new material effectively everything below the cursor is blank. With the way Full Screen works at the moment half the page is wasted with blank space. I keep feeling that it is a waste to only be able to see half a screen worth of what i have typed - seeing two thirds would be much better. Currently I keep wanting to scroll the window down, but of course it doesn’t work that way.

I know this might seem like a minor thing, and others might disagree. But I would love an option to change this. Thanks for listening


One man’s feature is another man’s bug…

From the manual:

Typewriter Scrolling
You can turn “typewriter scrolling” on for the main editors and for the full screen editor
independently via the Text menu. Typewriter scrolling was an innovation of the Blue-Tec
Group’s Ulysses. When it is switched on, just as with a typewriter, the line of text you are
typing will remain centered vertically in the editor. This means that your eyes do not have
to be glued to the bottom of the screen all the time when typing in a long piece of text.



Yes, as Apollo16 says, just turn off Typewriter scrolling - it is turned on by default in full screen mode. Typewriter scrolling just keeps the text at the centre of the screen.

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Ah huh! Brilliant. I checked the ‘Full Screen’ preferences, but didn’t think to look in the menu (actually I’m not sure I realised that you could still use the menu in Full Screen mode, so that’s another thing learned:)


(but I might just add that I think I’d quite like Typewriter mode if it scrolled the paper at whatever line I started typing on, rather than jumping to the half way point on the screen. :slight_smile:

cheers though

Typewriter mode is very annoying when you’re editing, because of all the jumping.

It’s best when you’re slamming out the first draft - then it’s about perfect. Especially being right in the centre of the screen - you have text above, so you aren’t overwhelmed by the blank screen you have to fill, but you have space below, begging you to fill it. When the text you’re typing is right at the bottom of the screen, it looks so full, so finished, even though it isn’t.

At least that’s how I think of it :slight_smile:

Typewriter scrolling is excellent for avoiding naval gazing.

“Naval gazing” … as in “I see no ships”? :laughing: :laughing:


Ha! Best typo of all time.