Full Scriv file showing up blank on Windows machine

I have a 16MB Scrivener file (i.e. far from blank) that I wrote on Mac in v 3.1.2.

I put it in Dropbox for someone else to work on. She’s on a Windows machine and had just downloaded the latest version of Scrivener.

She couldn’t open the file, so I exported it at my end as File > Export > As Scrivener 2 Project.

She could open that version but it was showing blank where there is definitely content.

What she sees:

What I see:

To double check the export to Scivener 2 had worked, I opened on my Mac the Scrivener 2 project that I’d sent her. Obviously, Scrivener 3 on my Mac insisted on upgrading the project to v3 but all the content is there. That means it must be there when she opens it on her Windows machine. It just isn’t showing.

Can anyone tell me what we’re doing wrong?

How is your collaborator opening the project?

A Scriv project is not a file, it’s a folder with lots of files and subfolders inside it. How are you sharing it via Dropbox? Your collaborator needs to get access to the whole project folder with all its content. It sound as if she only gets the .scrivx file, not the .scriv folder.

I took the whole of what I get on my Mac and duplicated it to a shared folder, i.e. I right clicked on project.scriv and copied it. When that was incompatible, I went into the file and chose export as Scrivener 2 project into the shared folder.

That created another project.scriv file with a different name. So I see a .scriv file in my Dropbox folder. Is she seeing something different or should she do something different? She’s never used Scrivener before and I’ve not been on. Windows machine for more than 10 years, so sorry if these are daft questions.

Which version of Scrivener is she using? Is it 1.9, which can only read Mac version 2 projects, or the Win beta version?

Of course I can find out, but not quickly. It would be fair to guess she just hit the download button on the L&L site rather than opting into a beta.

Would the beta be the better choice?

It depends on when she downloaded it. If she has an older version it can’t read the version 2 you export as.
If she has 1.9 she should be able to read the version 2 you export it as. The beta, is a beta, not officially released.
Assuming that she has version 1.9 she should see a folder named projectname.scriv in which there is a lot of files and folders, where she double-click the projectname.scrivx file. If she wants to download the stuff from the Dropbox folder she needs to download the whole projectname.scriv folder.

Has she got the Dropbox app installed on her PC and did she give it time to download the whole folder?

… and do you have the Dropbox app installed on your Mac and have given it time to upload all changes to the Db server?

Many thanks for your help, lunk.

I solved or at least got around whatever the problem was by zipping the .scriv at my end and sharing that in Dropbox. I figured that way the file had to upload fully and download fully before it was opened.

That did the trick — or at least she can now open the file — so it’s a reasonable assumption that it did the trick, although other gremlins might just have decamped in the meantime, who knows.

As always, this forum is a godsend.