Full word count

If it’s there, I can’t find it - I’d like to be able to see the full word count for the manuscript as I’m working on it. Also, word count for the chapter that a scene is in. Right now I only get word count for the scene. So to see a chapter word count, I have to go out of the scene and to the chapter section and wait for that to load. Then to see the word count for the manuscript, I have to go up to click on the manuscript and wait for that to load. Really, I’d like to be able to see at a glance where I stand on overall word count as I work.

Oh, it’s not a Nanowrimo thing. It’s a publishing thing. I work with a variety of publishers who have different word count requirements for different submission requests. Right now I have a very rough draft sitting at around 49K that needs to hit at least 60K for submission. I’m going to have to move it out of Scrivener and into Word fairly soon so I can track word count more effectively.

Right now Scrivener for Windows isn’t too bad as a tool for a very rough starting draft for a manuscript, but I just can’t get from Scrivener to a submission ready manuscript without relying on MS Word at this point.

For the overall word count you can go to Project> Project Targets, and you can set the word count to whatever you need it to be and it will show you your overall progress, and you can set yourself a session target if you wish. I hope this helps!

Oh, that helps. I can see the full novel count. I can fiddle to get the other but this at least lets my keep overall track. So, if I just set up novels with a generic target of 100,000 words, I’ll be able to see what my actual count is. Thanks!

Something that might help you is to add the “Total Words” column to your Outliner. Try turning on Outliner mode, clicking on Draft, and then adding that column. You will see counts for each individual scene (you might need to expand sections to see them), and each section that contains other sections will count any text they contain, plus all of the sub-documents beneath them combined. So that is your chapter count if you write scene files in folders style. The count beside the chapter will be a tally of every scene file within it.

Oh, that took a bit, but I found it. That’s what I need. A list of scenes and word count! Wahoo! Progress!

I’ve been using this all December to pull an early draft into shape but I’ve just been head down into the manuscript and not stopping to figure out the program. However that does mean that I was able to jump into Scrivener and actually start putting a novel together without a big learning curve for basics. Now I’m figuring out the fidgety bits.

That’s a good way to do it in my opinion. All too easy to jump in and try to learn too much at once and then get discouraged. Might as well just get in with enough to write and then figure out the nice little embellishments as you go.

Another way is Project>Text Statistics. This one gives a quick count summary specific to the individual file or group of files that are selected. It compiles quicker than the more detailed Project Statistics feature yet provides counts for words, characters (with spaces), characters (no spaces), and pargraphs. In addition, there is a drop down button that displays word frequency statistics (including individual word use counts!).

It’s brilliant the information offered between Project Targets, Project Statistics and Text Statistics. I use them so frequently that the buttons I set up for each on the menu bar would probably have lost their color had they been real. :smiley:

It would be handy if text statistics could be added to the context menu.

I’d like to be able to right-click on a file in the binder to see the word count .