Fullscreen and Binder with OS X Spaces

I wonder whether it would be possible to work in fullscreen mode in OS X Space 1, yet put the non-fullscreen version of the same document (i.e. mainly the binder with the notes and research) on Space 2?

It certainly would be a great improvement, because up to now I always have to jump out of fullscreen to look up something in the notes or research binder folder. Any hope?

Item #2.
Also it seems Comments and other windows in Fullscreen cannot be assigned to another Space. Would be excellent to have the possibility to do so :slight_smile:

Are we talking about Compose mode or Lion’s full screen mode? If the latter, then the window you are working in in full screen is the main window, so there’s no way to have it in two places at once. Also, Lion’s full screen mode is set up so that all other Spaces are blanked out.

If you mean Compose mode, you can change the behaviour in the “Compose” pane of the preferences to have the main window left open. I’m not sure how that works with other Spaces, though, as it’s mainly been designed to work with other screens rather than Spaces, come to think of it…

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:smiley: Pure genius! Love this way of working with two screens.