Fullscreen BG Paper Texture?

I know you posted that 1.0’s features are locked, but I wanted to just throw out a personal wish (which I hope wasn’t already asked for and I missed it in the search) - a paper texture option(s) for the BG in the Full Screen Mode… maybe, like, old and aged-looking typewriter paper, blank notebook paper, fibrous paper, etc.

My reasoning? Other than looking really cool (technical term), yet non-distracting, while you’re hammering away in fullscreen mode, it’s a well known fact that, “Every Box of Eaton’s Berkshire Typewriter Paper… is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction”

That and it’d be neato in the same way the corkboard is neato. Nothing too crazy like paper with ink splotches or anything… just straight up paper.


This idea was toyed around with a bit earlier this year. If you want to see the net result, have a look at this forum. There is a link to a program called BlockWriter. It is a neat concept program that somewhat models the typewriter ethos of being unable to change what you have written. You can fix typos, but that is about it. Anyway, the last version of it had a paper background that I scanned from Esheet’s lovely cotton onion skin that I use for typing.

As far as I know, BlockWriter development has ended, but it is relatively quirk-free, and if you end up liking the feel – you’ll like the paper too. It isn’t Scrivener, but sometimes I like to do first drafts in it still. Something about just plunking ahead that I like. :slight_smile:

The paper concept got dropped for Scrivener (as did the Typewriter Mode concept). There is a thread or two on that, too. You’ll have to search around for it.

good to know it was considered! I must’ve missed those threads when I searched before posting. Thanks for the heads up AmberV!

Thanks for fielding this one, AmberV. Just to explain a little more: the reason I dropped this was because it just didn’t look right. When you have computer-generated text plonked on top of a paper texture, it looks your words are floating rather than imprinted, and this is rather distracting. In those BlockWriter posts, AmberV came up with a great solution to this - by applying a shadow to the text and fudging it around the edges a little, along with changing the colour and alpha of the text to a subtle dark brownish-maroon, the text looked as though it was “bleeding” onto the paper background just like real text on paper. It looked great, I think. The trouble was that although this looked good in BlockWriter, there was no way to bring this into Scrivener because of limitations in the Cocoa text system. The Cocoa text system has something called “temporary attributes” which let you change the way rich text looks - but you can only change the colour, not the shadow or anything else. So, when you launch into full screen from the main editing mode in Scrivener, although you can change the colour of the font to green or orange or whatever temporarily, there is no way to add a shadow or any of the other stuff that makes the text look good on a paper background. All of those changes have to be permanent. That is why it got dropped from Scrivener.
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To clarify, you can compose in BlockWriter and drop the results into Scrivener, but you most likely will want to use the Paste and Match Style function when you do so, because what looks good on a paper background looks rather shoddy on plain white.