Fullscreen bug when OSX dictionary open


Spotted this glitch a couple of times yesterday. Not sure if it’s a Lion bug or Scriv, but I’ll describe it anyway.

I’ve only seen this happen on my MacBookPro:
Click full-screen mode. Select any word in your document. Hit CTRL+CMD+D to bring up Lions new dictionary popup. Don’t click anything. Swipe to another screen with the trackpad. Swipe back to Scriv. Now, sometimes at this point rather than getting the Scri window I’ll see a blank screen containing the Lion tiled background (not my desktop background). The only way I can actually get Scri to appear when this happens is to 3-finger-swipe up to get Mission Control, click the miniature Scriv window, and this seems to restore everything back to the way it should be. Odd one!

Scriv 2.1, MacBookPro, OSX Lion 10.7.0


The clarify - this is scrivener running in composition mode. I just had the problem again, except this time I couldn’t get Scriv to re-appear at all. Every time I swiped to the desktop containing Scriv, it slid back to the previous desktop. I had to right-click + quit it from the Dock (although it hadn’t hung, it was just invisible).

I can confirm this. I got the symptom where swiping back to the working Space has everything else that was on that Space showing up fine, but Scrivener was nowhere to be found. I used Mission Control to select another Scrivener project window that I happened to have open, and then the one that had been in composition mode came back up.

It’s probably a Lion bug, as the actual pop-over itself is not from Scrivener (of course), but there might be something that can be done to the full screen window that protects it from disappearing after it has spawned a dictionary pop-over.

The bug also “works” in normal mode (i.e. not fullscreen) and in composition mode, on my computer. You get the (impractical) dictionary window, and then if you click somewhere else, it makes Scrivener “disappear” from the screen while the dictionary-thing often stays there. It does not crash though, it only disappears and you have to switch to something else to quit it and relaunch it.

The bug probably comes from Lion (like so many others…), because I can also produce it on a regular basis with jEditX, in the same fashion. Strangely enough, though, Apple applications seem not to face any difficulties with it…

I have so far been unable to reproduce this, I’m afraid. It sounds very much like a Lion bug, though - there are a couple of other Lion bugs associated with the new dictionary popover too.