Fullscreen editor disappears when switching spaces


When I’m writing I tend to have Scrivener in fullscreen mode in Space 1, then if I need to look something up in the mac dictionary app or use a web browser etc, I use the alt-arrow keys to switch to another space, the one that contains the browser app etc, I use the app, then switch back to the space 1 (dedicated to scrivener). In V1.54 this used to work fine, i.e. when I switch back to Scriv it was still there in fullscreen mode and I’d continue writing. However I just upgrade to V2.0.2 and if I switch to a new space and then back to space 1, scriv is no longer there (or anywhere) and I only get it back if I go down to the dock and click on the Scriv icon. This only happens if I am in fullscreen mode.

So, a break down of the steps to reproduce this:

  1. I’m using Scriv 2.0.2 and Mac OSX 10.6.5.
  2. set up spaces; I have a block of 4 columns and 2 rows
  3. load scriv into space 1, open a document and put it into fullscreen mode
  4. switch to another space
  5. switch back to space 1 and you should find scriv is no longer there, you just have the desktop. (Its not to be found in any of the other spaces either)
  6. To make it reappear you have to go down to the dock and click on the scriv icon.

Bit of a pain for me this. Could you look into it and see if you can restore the functionality of Scriv V1?

Thanks a lot,


PS I use the software everyday and its a real pleasure, thanks for creating it!


This is a known issue and on the list for investigation.


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Thanks Keith,

Have to say I was surprised that nobody had reported such an obvious bug, but I did a search for fullscreen & spaces in the forum and didn’t find anything.

Good to know it’s on your radar.



Well, not everybody uses Spaces, and also, technically it’s not a bug but a change in behaviour. :slight_smile: But as I say, it is on the list for consideration and investigation for 2.0.3.

oops, KB beat me to it.