Fullscreen Font Color Issue when Syncing with iOS


I’m using scrivener for windows and scrivener 1.0 for iOS. I use dropbox to sync between the programs on the two operating systems, and for most part everything works fine.

Here’s the problem: when I use fullscreen mode on my windows machine I like to have green text on a black background. But when I sync my project using the iOS app and then open up said project on my laptop, the text is still black when I fullscreen it. Obviously, this makes things hard to read. I have to select all of the text and then use “text color”–>“remove color” in order to get my writing to show up. If I never open the project on iOS, everything is fine and fullscreen always gets me green text on a black background unless I manually change the color.

What can I do to fix this? Thanks!

Hi mordac21,

There was a thread, https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/full-screen-custom-colors/34896/1 recently, that discussed full-screen colours. The problem there was that, in Windows 1.9.6, the text colour was stuck at black. How do you manage to get green for your full-screen text colour?


Hi Eric,

To get green for my fullscreen text color I go to Tools–>Options–>Appearance–>Colors–>Fullscreen–>Text and then I pick green as my color. I just read the thread you posed and this is apparently a known issue which hopefully will be resolved soon.