Fullscreen mode + ALT-TAB = wandering caret

This might be a duplicate, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the forums and there’s no “known bugs” list I can find, so…

The short version: the caret changes position if you go into full screen mode and alt+tab to another application, then alt+tab back to Scrivener.

Long version:

Open document.
Place caret on line 2 via mouse. Type.
Enter full-screen mode.
Place caret on line 3 via mouse. Type.
ALT+TAB to another application (Chrome, in my case)
ALT+TAB back to Scrivener.
Start typing without using the mouse – the characters appear on line 2. However, the caret is not visible, and if you do SHIFT + HOME, SHIFT + END, or any other text selection keyboard movement, the blue selection highlight doesn’t show up.

It’s led to a couple of inadvertently destroyed lines in my case.

Windows 7; x64.