Fullscreen mode + inspector panel

I’m a PPC user, version 2.1. I’m experimenting a bug in fullscreen mode. It happens when, in fullscreen mode, I open inspector panel (project notes) and then I press ESC to go to the normal view. An infinite loop of mouse starts, the app freezes, and the only way to continue my work is restarting Scrivener forcing quitting.
Sorry if this bug has been posted yet, I’ve searched before posting and I haven’t found anything.
Congratulations anyway for this wonderful and useful app. I would say it’s saving my life (doing my PhD thesis right npw :wink: ).


Thanks for the kind words.

Could you please try going to the “Appearance” pane of the Preferences and deselect “Notepad lines” for both document notes and project notes, and see if that makes a difference? You might also need to turn them off for index cards in the “Corkboard” pane of the preferences. Obviously this isn’t a fix, but I’ve had a few reports of the inspector pane causing a freeze on PPC, and it seems to have something to do with the drawing of lines in the text view, so I’m just trying to narrow down whether turning them off makes a difference or not.

Thanks and all the best,

Thank you for the answer, it seems to solve the problem. There are many things in the life more important than lines in notes, I can go without them. So, yes, it’s a fix for me. :wink:
Sorry for my english.
Congratulations for your work.
All the best,