Fullscreen mode: The bottom bar thing

I have no idea if it is easy or difficult, but I would adore it if I could configure where the control bar for fullscreen mode showed up. I know it does the same thing as iPhoto, but I never use iPhoto, so the use of it doesn’t come naturally.

I suggest the ability to configure it a bit like the dock. I have my dock hidden on the right hand of my screen, so my mouse always goes there to look for controls. Obviously many people have it at the bottom, and some people have it on the left - it would seem intuitive to be able to select a vertical version for the control bar for those that automatically move the mouse to where their dock would be. (Like moi.)

If this is easy, yay, if not oh well, and if you’re never going to change it, fair enough. :slight_smile:

Woah, not easy at all. :slight_smile: That little control would need completely recreating to appear at the sides. So, I am afraid to say, that this is unlikely ever to happen. Sorry.

Ah :blush: Okies. I shall just dream of it appearing in 5.x or something then :wink: Cheers for the quick answer.