Fullscreen mode

Not a bug, per se, but in fullscreen mode when you expand the page width to the entire size of the screen, the right scroll bar will fade away and you’ll have a column of decreased alpha screen poking out on that side (similar to the decreased alpha screen you get at anytime the fullscreen mode is less than the full screen width, but this time it’s only on that one side and especially annoying as it makes the screen obviously unsymmetrical).

The issue for me is I need a true fullscreen experience and having even a little bit more than just my words bugs me to no end. I like how the toolbar at the bottom fades in and out depending on if you’re hovering down there or not, but I’d suggest even if you aren’t full screen width in full screen mode that you just make the screen uniform, not just alpha the normal screen out a little bit. I’m sure there are options for this if I dig far enough, but I was actually surprised fullscreen mode didn’t do this by default. I’d even plug to remove the ruler at the top in fullscreen mode.

You can adjust the alpha. It’s the slider on the far right of the pop-up control along the bottom of the screen. Personally I like that turned on 100% so I can’t see anything, and then set the paper control to a width that keeps the text line lengths short enough to remain legible. I can’t stand screen-width length lines of text.

Ruler can be switched off with the standard shortcut, Ctrl-R.

Problem I have with the alpha slider is it’s either darkened images of the screen, or a uniform black abyss. I can turn it all the way and make it black, but just give me a completely uniform screen with no fading in/out slider. Again, I’m sure if I mess around with background in the Fullscreen options of preferences, I can get something along my alley, but the fading in/out slider will still be there and the easier it is to make it make all these changes, the better.

Persnickety, I know, but I’ve totally changed which app I end up choosing over less in the past.

Oh, if you want to change the colours being used, check out the Appearance tab in Edit/Options.... In the middle portion, expand the “Full Screen” section and you’ll probably find more settings than you know what to do with. :slight_smile: