Fullscreen theme background: Old Terminal / Fallout 3ish

I used this image as a background for a Fallout3 terminal theme (great when you are writing something post-apocalyptic). Set this as background an put Paper Fade to transparent.
The font Topaz (a over-rendered version is found at dafont.com, the more original font may be found via the CSS of the fefe blog) fits well into the theme, set to a nice green font colour.

The terminal picture is not finalized yet (lines at the top are blurry), but gives a good impression.

That’s a pretty image! I can’t understand how you apply it to your full-screen background however, unless you’re referring to using it as a true desktop image outside of the program?

I would love to use something for inside the Scrivener program; a full-screen custom background or even custom pages where the actual text goes. Nothing like the thought of writing on old parchment with wispy script as one shares the story about a wizard’s adventures in a fantastical world. :slight_smile:

Anywho, thanks for the image. Think I’ll rotate it in my desktop themes folder.^^

You can use a background image by configuring the preferences for fullscreen (Compose --> Customizable Colors"–> Background–> Choose Texture) inside scrivener, and set “fade” to 100%.

I’m sure I searched everywhere, yet there was no compose button. I even checked the manual, nothing. I did see the tools and background color, but no texture… (tools>options>appearance>background)

…and then I realized you’re using the Mac version. :slight_smile:

Unless it’s hidden somewhere else, I’ll have to assume it’s not in yet for Windows. Ah well. Thanks for the reply.^^