This issue is quite annoying, but I don’t know if it has already been addressed or if it’s intentional. Whenever I enter fullscreen mode from the bottom of the document, it goes back up to the top. When I’m in Scrivenings mode, this is really annoying because I have to scroll back to the bottom. Not a serious problem, but I would like that to change if possible.

Thanks :mrgreen:

This is happening for me also if I have more than one document selected at once. Also, a green progress bar appears and continually flashes between two or more values, never completing. Sometimes the bottom of the higher document/s is cut off as well, so it looks as though I’ve lost half my text. I haven’t, but have to manually press ‘down’ until reaching the bottom of the uppermost document, making it all visible again. There’s also quite a lot of lag.
This hasn’t happened before, and I periodically but slightly infrequently work in multiple-document mode, so it must have entered with one of the newer versions. My system hasn’t changed at all, and nor has where or how I save my files. Scrivener works perfectly in single-document mode, whether in fullscreen or not.


  1. Enter a Scrivener document with multiple text files.
  2. Highlight more than one of them and enter Scrivenings mode. (You can use fullscreen or not, it happens for me whether or not I do.)
  3. Hijinks ensue!
  4. (You can repeat the vanishing-text issue by using the scrollbar: go up until all you can see is the higher document, then instead of moving the in-text cursor, click on the scrollbar to move down to the divider between the documents. The last part of the upper text vanishes below the dividing line.)
  5. (The progress bar sometimes disappears, but can be recalled by returning to the top of the document set, where it reappears again.)

Current beta version: 0.49

I think this is the first issue I’ve encountered in months!