Fully Keystroked "Select Color" Box

As a keystroke user:
It would be nice were the Select Color box fully key-navigable, from being opened by Ctrl+G/H to OK to apply a Pick(ed) Basic (or Custom) Screen Color (to selected text).
(Is ‘Screen’ appropriate on the button when text is selected, or otherwise?)

Ideally :innocent:, eg, Ctrl+G/H, then Alt+C, then navigation to a custom color, then ENTER to apply it (Alt+O would be fine too).

Practically speaking, the current keyed path ends after the Ctrl+G/H, all else is mouse. (Though one could mouse-click the desired custom color, then hit ENTER to OK the click-selection, but then, my hands are off the keyboard so it doesn’t matter.)

(Have I missed a fully keyed path to get this done?)

Win 10 Pro x64 [19044];
i7 7700, 32GB RAM, 2T internal drive.

As with the font dialogue, I think this is just stock kit stuff.

That said it should all be pretty well wired up for keyboard usage, at least I’ve never had an issues with it. Some tips:

  • All of the controls have an Alt key so they can be jumped to. For example if you have a hex code on the clipboard, Alt+H, Ctrl+V, Enter inserts it and commits.
  • If you want to change a specific value, all six of them have jump keys, like Alt+S for saturation, which can then be typed in as a number, where you can then use up/down arrow keys to make fine adjustments, and PgUp/Dn for increments of ten.
  • For Custom Colours, Alt+C as you note, arrow to select, and Spacebar to load it. Same tip goes for Basic Colors.

I think that’s about it, everything else is a variation of the above!

Thanks AmberV,

For me, SPACEBAR was the missing bit.