Fun With Tables of Contents and More...

Hello all! I’ve been using Scrivener for a few years now for several large and ongoing projects, and I generally love it. However, I recently moved my scrivener to a Desktop off of my laptop just because I really wanted a larger screen to work with, and the things I do require a lot of applications at once and a lot more power than my Laptop offered.

At any rate, I moved everything over there easily enough, and made some rather large changes to a Players Handbook which I maintain, then Published it out. I didn’t check the .pdf because, well, I’ve been using Scrivener for a while, and it’s always just worked:)

Well, it turns out the the Table of Contents no longer work and that, in fact, the only reason why they ever worked was because my Laptop has Office 2013 on it. I shelled out the money for the Office 2019 for the other computer (which isn’t too bad because it does actually help me to have excel on here, but then…well, it still doesn’t work.

OK, ok, I do some research. Oh! There’s a Beta, and it’s supposed to fix this! Alas, no. Now, it’s even worse because the Table of Contents throw some weird error in the .pdf link AND only half of the numbers even show up. Fun!

Also, page breaks don’t work anymore, which is even better.

OK, I think, there must be an easy fix to this. If all else fails, consult the Users Manual. So, I do.

And, it tells me that…well…Tables of Contents are not important anymore. So, the new thing doesn’t do them.

Now, granted, as much as I feel that forcing all of my players to Control-F their way through an 800 page .pdf would build character. (I mean, seriously, it would be good for them…entitled lot that they are.), But, if you’d like some advice, I would say that people, in general, still like Tables of Contents in large .pdfs. Especially linkable ones, which is what all of them should be. Now, ok, I have a backup. I can just put every version back on the laptop to compile it with the proper TOC since that laptop has an ancient version of Office on it, which, as many things nowadays, works better than the current version of Office.

Oh, speaking of which, when Scrivener compiles to .rtf or .doc or .docx, my Word 2019 won’t open any of them. Granted, this is probably Microsoft’s fault. They want to use the cheapest possible labor on planet Earth for their programmer base, then that’s what they get. But, just thought that you should know that it doesn’t seem possible to open Scrivener docs with the new version of Office. Not that I care, because Office (excel aside) is garbage, and everyone uses .pdfs, but better to know than not know. I’m sure that there’s someone else there that expects the docx compile to work.

At any rate, just my thoughts. I managed to get back my original project and figured out how to use the previous version of Scrivener (which allows archaic stuff like formatting), but I’d really love to see Table of Contents back in future versions, linkable ones in .pdf. Yes, I’ll be happy to pay for that. People will always pay for convenience, especially when that convenience amounts to hundreds of hours a year in saved labor.

Scrivener is still an awesome program, by the way! I love it! It’s saved me so much pain and suffering that there are no words. Thank you guys for what you do!

Kind Regards,
Some Guy on the Interwebs