Functionality changed in 3.2.1? No longer able to resize images AND see the resulting changes in the composition window?

Hi all! Up to now, I’ve been using Scrivener to keep track of various notes and image drafts for my picture book illustration work. Part of what I’d do: Post images that include my art director’s notes, then be able to enlarge them via the Edit Image window to see the notes when I wanted to.

However, I’ve noticed that the newest version (3.2.1) no longer lets me do that. When I select “Scale Image” it lets me change the dimensions BUT the image does not change size in the embedded window.

Any suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance.


You could try the latest test build of 3.2.1. This does scale images on my Mac as you describe (limited to the size of the available window, of course). …



Thanks for the offer of a test build (I assume you are part of the Scrivener build team?). Since I’m in the middle of a book project with a tight deadline, though, I’m leery about using a version that isn’t finalized yet.

I take it, then, that it’s not possible to enlarge images in Scrivener with the current public version? If so, I may have to opt for a different method for this book.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, though! I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


@Login isn’t part of the L&L team, nor am I. They’ve merely passed on the advice from the L&L team that’s been posted in many threads on the forum. The build in question is the one they’re releasing this week, with many Big Sur incompatibilities fixed.

This forum is mostly user to user support. If you absolutely need a response from L&L, best to open a support ticket at . Fair warning though–L&L close for the Christmas holidays starting Dec. 18 for 2 weeks.

Hope this helps!