Funky tabs in ToC + Asterisk removal

  1. I’m having a strange problem with the tabs in my table of contents. In the text editor they’re all flush left, but when I compile only the first chapter title is flush left and the rest of the following lines are indented. Anybody else have this problem?

  2. When I put a line break between sections in the same text box, a pound sign appears as a sort of section break marker when I compile. I prefer the white space. Any way to fix this?

Thanks so much in advance for your time!!!

I figured out #2 - those pesky pound signs were part of the default “section” compile layout I was using. To remove them, I followed File > Compile > Assign Section Layouts > Section > Doubleclick layout preview > (Click create duplicate layout) Separators > BLANK LINE SEPARATOR.

Took a little digging but if anybody else appreciates blank space like me, this will help. Screenshot below of the option.

Still trying to figure out the weird ToC tabs, however. I will upload a screenshot of what I mean for that as well.

Pound signs fixed:

Funky ToC tabs: