Funny thing happened on way to a paste...

I think I have this nailed down.

  • What happens: I cut and paste text from a web page. I get a background color for the text, which I can’t remove in Scrivener once it’s there. There seem no controls for this. If we can’t control it, don’t think you should be

  • Also happens: properly at first, no extra color if I use Paste and Match Style – provided I never have pasted in such text and set a background color, which again can’t be removed. Even Ctrl-Z back to a blank page does not remove the altered formatting, font, size, this background color. That’s another facet of this bug…

  • What’s going on: by fooling around with the F12 developer tools and turning off formatting, I found that the grey background is not coming from the text HTML/CSS itself, but from a background color set on an upper level of enclosing

    s. There is also an image on that div, so the grey is hidden. I think it must be the web browser that picks it up and makes it part of the clipboard content, so that’s not something you can deal with directly. But it seems you should ignore background color if we can’t modify it.

  • Extra credit: One more thing that happens in a straight paste is that the two lines pasted from the website get written over the top of each other. This is apparently because they are separated by a
    , not a fresh pair of

    brackets. Should recognize the <br > as a CR and format in Scrivener properly, which means including a line feed effectively.

  • Proposal for an additional feature to help with all such things: some number of programs, Evernote as one example, let you ‘fix’ pastes that have unwanted formatting. They call this feature ‘Simplify Formatting’, and you use it by selecting the offending text, then hitting Ctrl-Spacebar. That’s a good key code, no? And the feature, gets you out of all kinds of situations as mentioned here, though I think the individual ones should also be fixed, and imagine you’d agree…
    Take care, you guys spread around cultures and the world :wink:

latest WinScriv, Win10, Chrome, also iOSScriv (not involved in this report)

Ok, I just had this (actually something similar) happen to me again.

I copy-pasted text from Typora, which I use to write for Scrivener on an Android phone (Moto G4 Play, excellent & value).

As Typora’s view apparently included some greyscale on the characters, this made the text half-invisible when pasted into ScrivWin.

As before, no action I can find will take the new formatting out of the Scrivener page. Not Undo, which certainly should. Text is removed, but not the new formatting.

I had to Trash the page and make another; then carefully Paste and Match Style to get the plain text.

Life should be easier, no?